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an immersive paranormal investiation

In Partnership with Connecticut Landmarks

Isham-Terry House

211 High St, Hartford, CT 06103

Preview Night:

October 6 @ 7:30 pm 


Show Dates:

October 13 @ 7 pm 

October 14 @ 6 pm and 8 pm 

October 20 @ 7 pm 

October 21 @ 6 pm and 8 pm 

October 22 @ 3 pm and 5 pm

Be notified when tickets go on sale!


A ghost-hunting duo investigates an old Victorian mansion, hoping to catch evidence of the supernatural. They have been led there by the stories of a mysterious dinner party that had gone missing in the 19th century, and have invited the audience to help discover the truth, and maybe find a ghost (or two!) What happens, though, when the ghosts do more than go bump in the night? Soon, our investigators uncover the secrets of what happened that dark evening in 1888. Can they help settle the spirits of the past, without adding to the population of ghosts who haunt the house?


PHANTASMAGORIA is a paranormal exploration as you join the fictional ghost hunters on an investigation of the household. Escapism Productions is excited to partner with the Connecticut Landmarks at the Isham-Terry House to create an original supernatural story. Come and explore the House and the story in this unique production. We are waiting for you to escape with us.

Haunted House

Cast & Crew


Ainsley Whateley - Jess Bolduc
Theta Denton - Nicole Morin
Dr. Layla Osman - Sarah Ghonaim
Benedict Archer - Dylan Pojano
Oscar Morgan - Gabriel Aprea


Producer & Director :
Jackson Kulinski

Stage Manager : Jackson Kulinski

Light and Sound Design : Jackson Kulinski

Board Operator : Sarah Elizabeth

Costume Design & Artisan : Jess Bolduc
Assistant Costumer : Nightwing Whitehead

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