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For King. For Country.

an 18th century immersive historical show

In Partnership with Wilton Historical Society

224 Danbury Rd. Wilton, CT 06897
Show Dates: April 14, 15 21, 22, 2023


Set in The Wilton Parish in September of 1781, following the Battle of New London. Hostilities that have only grown since the British retreat after their invasion of Danbury in 1777. Tryon’s Raid cleft an irrevocable wound in the local townsfolk with wanton destruction left in its wake. All of this spilling over onto the already volatile populace divided in loyalty in a recipe for disaster. With homes aflame, hair trigger tempers rising in fever pitch to match; these neighbors once united in good company now murmur scathing condemnation threatening to fracture the small community down the center. With some joining The Prince of Wales Regiment and others taking up the cause of patriot revolutionaries, every dawn threatens a match to the powder keg in what seems like inevitable conflict.


There are rumors that local loyalists have gotten possession of a particular item: the horse tail from the statue of King George III. A notorious monument was torn down by the Sons of Liberty less than one year ago. The tail been missing ever since, with the statue’s destruction an esprit de corps for the revolutionary cause. Reclaiming the could serve as a strong symbol able to boost the morale of the Loyalist's side. But are the whispers of its appearance in Wilton just rumors?


Cast & Crew

Sal DelGreco as Henry Fairfax
Nicole Morin as Gideon Van Leer
Jess Bolduc as Elsbeth “Elsie” Corsair
Lauren Todd as Adelaide “Addie” Fairfax
Sarah Elizabeth as Lydia Davenport
Producer & Director : Jackson Kulinski
Costumes and Hair : Jess Bolduc


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