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Ex Tenebris

an edwardian immersive possession drama

In Partnership with The Barnes Museum

85 N Main St, Southington, CT 06489

Preview Night: September 15 @ 7:30 pm

Show Dates: September 22, 23, 29, 30 @ 6:30 pm and 8 pm


In which a young woman is afflicted with possession, but all before the start of our story. Our show opens on the night of an academic research excursion headed by S. Brahms to the Royce household wherein a family already mired in tragedy have impossibly found themselves a new type of unknown suffering. The young Miss Cordelia Royce, the fiancée to Dr. Theodore Grantham, has been alienated from her wits and taken quite ill. Her kin believes the source is something preternatural and has asked A. Milton to come help save Delia’s soul. A decision made in haste what with the news Dr. Grantham has enlisted the aid of S. Brahms & the NFS to help free her from her madness. But Dr. Grantham steadfastly refuses to acknowledge such chicanery; instead desperate to heal Delia’s delusions and hysteria so she can meet him at the altar and not in bedlam. It is the audience's job to help the Royce family uncover the truth and free the home from the grasp of the daemonic.


EX TENEBRIS takes place in the early 20th century as you join the fictional guests of the Royce household. Escapism Productions is excited to partner with the Barnes Museum to create an original historical drama set in the early 20th century, and greatly influenced by the spiritualism of the era. Come and explore the House and the story in this unique production. We are waiting for you to escape with us.




October 1900 - Guests are arriving to attend an investigation headed by S. Brahms of the National Federation of Spiritualists of Miss Cordelia Royce. The Royce Household has been struck with a series of unexplainable occurrences and the young Miss Royce has now fallen ill to some malady of both mind and flesh that even her fiancé, Dr. Theodore Grantham cannot free her from. The investigation serves twofold, to appease the elder Royce’s proclivities towards superstitious fears that something unnatural has fallen upon the house Dr. Grantham hopes his classmate and colleague Brahms can assuage. Not to be outdone or overlooked, F. Royce has their own spiritual cavalry in the form of A. Milton, is entrusted with the care of Delia’s soul. But moreover, this investigation can serve the Professor as practice for the audience as undergraduates of Yale in cooperation with the NFS for their first foray into fieldwork. Now the guests must uncover the secrets of the evening, and save the endangered souls before it’s too late.


Cast & Crew

Cordelia Royce - Lorena Schmidt
Francesca Royce - Elizabeth Reynolds
Dr. Theodore Grantham - Nick Foster
Sophia Brahms - Clasina Jones
Andrew Milton - Devin Dumas


Producer :
Jackson Kulinski
Director : Jess Bolduc

Stage Managers : Jackson Kulinski and Jess Bolduc

Light and Sound Design : Jackson Kulinski

Board Operator : Jackson Kulinski

Costume Design & Artisan : Jess Bolduc
Assistant Costumer : Nightwing Whitehead


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