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Thornapple Valley: The Fiend of Wolfpine Lake

A Slasher Horror Escape Room

Prospect Mountain Campground
1349 Main Rd
Granville, MA 01034

Show Date: September 28, 2019
Show Times: 5:30 PM, 7:00 PM, and 8:30 PM


A cabin in the woods. A long forgotten danger. A secret to be discovered. An evil to be put down. What will you do when you are confronted by a deadly killer? Will you survive the night? Or become another one of Thornapple Valley’s many legends?

The Fiend of Wolfpine Lake is an experience that is part thriller adventure, part escape room, and part immersive theater. Combining these elements, audience members are racing against the clock to uncover the mystery of a dreaded killer, before they become the next victim… but death is not the end, and just because a player may face death, that does not mean that their story is over. The show is set at a campground in the woods with actors portraying various characters to guide audience members through a night of thrills and mysteries.


Cast & Crew

Jess Bolduc as Veronica “Roni” Cabot
William Campbell as the voice of Dr. Leland Alcott
Sam Donovan as Ezra Swift
Susan Kulinski as Kristina “Kris” Young
Bryan Lungarini as Jeffery “The Fiend” Reiner Jr.
Lauren Sedlak as Bobbi Moore

Jackson Kulinski :: Director & Writer
Jess Bolduc :: Costume Designer and Artisan

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