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Woman in Blue

a 19th century ghost story

In Partnership with Connecticut Landmarks
Isham-Terry House
211 High Street, Hartford, CT 06103


October 1875: Guests are arriving to attend the evening engagement party of Fredrick Griswold and Clara Bennet. They couldn’t be happier until a mysterious present appears and the spirit of a long-buried secret makes herself known. Now, the guests must uncover the secrets of the past, or else risk falling to a dangerous fate themselves. It is the job of the audience to help the guests reveal the truth, and perhaps save a soul or two.

WOMAN IN BLUE takes place in the 19th century as you join the fictional guests of the Griswold-Bennett engagement party. Escapism Productions returned to the Isham-Terry House, in partnership with Connecticut Landmarks, to create an original historical drama set in the 19th century, and greatly influenced by the popular media of the era. Come and explore the House and the story in this unique production. We are waiting for you to escape with


Cast & Crew

Elizabeth Reynolds as Clara Bennett
Rick Malone as Fredrick Griswold
Patt Miller as Lucretia Griswold
Nicole Morin as Evelyn Blythe
Jess Bolduc as Mona Cooper
Lauren Todd as Verity Bennett
Sarah Ghonain as Jennett Griswold nee Cooper
Producer & Director : Jackson Kulinski
Costumes and Make-Up : Jess Bolduc


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