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An Affair of the Gentry

a midsummer regency romance faerietale

In Partnership with Connecticut Landmarks
Phelps-Hatheway House & Gardens

55 S Main St, Suffield, CT 06078
Show Dates: June 24,2023


Enter a world of wonder and excitement with "An Affair of the Gentry." This immersive play takes you on a journey through an alternate Regency era, where love, betrayal, and sorcery intertwine. Drawing inspiration from William Shakespeare, Arthurian legends, and folklore, this fictional fantasy story weaves a spellbinding tale that will leave you captivated.

The performance will take place at the stunning Phelps-Hatheway House & Gardens in Suffield, CT. This historical property, dating back to the 1700s, provides a perfect setting for this magical reverie. The house and gardens are transformed into a whimsical world, where you'll be transported into the enchanting world of "An Affair of the Gentry."

Select the ticket that suits your desires best and dive into this magical world:

  • Tea Service Only: Experience a delightful afternoon tea with several of the characters from "An Affair of the Gentry." Savor the flavors of our charming tea service, where you'll be enchanted by exquisite finger foods flawlessly matched with our tea selection. Gain insights into the story and engage in intimate conversations with several of the characters.

  • Dinner Only: Delight in a lavish feast and engage with the characters during this immersive dinner experience. Revel in a delectable selection of treats, carefully curated and prepared with utmost attention, at our whimsical reception-style buffet dinner. Play a part in the unfolding story and help determine which characters will find their happily ever after.

  • Fantasy Combo: Immerse yourself completely in the world of "An Affair of the Gentry" with the special combo ticket, which includes both the immersive dinner and magical tea service. Dine with the characters and chat with them over tea, as you become fully absorbed in this captivating tale.

Throughout the evening, you'll be able to interact with the characters and help guide them through the political and societal complexities reminiscent of the Regency era or faerie tales. Take a break from the immersive experience and enjoy a variety of lawn games set up throughout the gardens. Or, you can sit back and watch the drama unfold around you. What scandals will you uncover? What secrets will be revealed? Can you save a broken heart?

No matter which ticket tier you select, "An Affair of the Gentry" guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with mystery, romance, and suspense. Don't miss out on the chance to step into this fascinating world - book your tickets now and get ready to be whisked away on this glamorous journey!

Christmas Lights

Cast & Crew

Queen Titania : Elizabeth Reynolds
Queen Vanora Pendragon : Sarah Elizabeth
King Awawn : Jess Bolduc
Lady Mab : Nicole Morin
Zahra Chatti : Sarah Ghonaim
Rhiannon Owens : Lorena Schmidt
Puck : Clasina Jones
Producer & Director : Jackson Kulinski
Costumes and Make-up : Jess Bolduc

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