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June 2023

An Affair of the Gentry

A Midsummer Regency Romance Faerietale

Bridgeton Regency romance meets Faerietale fantasy! Join us for tea & dinner as we celebrate a wedding match! (did we also mention drama?)

Enter a world of wonder and excitement with "An Affair of the Gentry." This immersive play takes you on a journey through an alternate Regency era, where love, betrayal, and sorcery intertwine. Drawing inspiration from William Shakespeare, Arthurian legends, and folklore, this fictional fantasy story weaves a spellbinding tale that will leave you captivated.


April 2023

For King. For Country.

An 18th Century Immersive Historical Drama

Set in Wilton during 1777, witness and assist the local members of the community in uncovering a plot betwixt Loyalists and Patriots during a time of turmoil and strife in our country’s history. Inspired by local events, this original production pulls audiences into the past to not only learn but engage with the 18th century in an era when neighbors were pitted against neighbors, and people were willing to do even desperate acts to protect what they felt was right.


January 2023

Killer in the Conservatory

A Victorian Murder Mystery Event

As a guest at a 19th-century auction gala, you are invited to assist Inspector Leopold Lapis in his most challenging case to date. After a string of fatal poisonings, crafted by an ingenious culprit with a penchant for plants, the Inspector is enlisting the help of your discerning minds to catch his newest adversary. But when other keynote guests are poisoned, the entire gathered assembly is now compelled to play the villain’s deadly game. Now it is a race against the clock! Can the antidote be discovered and the killer brought to justice in time?


October 2022

Woman in Blue

A 19th Century Ghost Story

October 1875: Guests are arriving to attend the evening engagement party of Fredrick Griswold and Clara Bennet. They couldn’t be happier until the spirit of a long-buried secret makes herself known. Now, the guests must uncover the secrets of the past. It is the job of the audience to help the guests reveal the truth, and perhaps save a soul or two.


April - May 2022

Hallowed Ground

A 17th Century Immersive Drama

April 1677; Colonial settlers are wrapped in the conflict of King Philip’s War. While everyone has been set upon by hard times, the residents of Pendle Valley seem to have been preyed upon by fate. As the paranoia rises, rumors of sabotage, conspiracies of murder, and even whispers of witchcraft are stirring in the fledgling township. Can you help save these lost souls before it is too late?


October 2021

Mourning Wreath Upon the Door

A 19th Century Eldritch Horror Story

The Beddows family invites you to partake in the festivities of All Hallows Eve! Though their house is shrouded in mourning from a recent, tragic death in the family, they are opening their doors to welcome you in! The night’s festivities boast parlour games and a séance conducted in the spiritualist fashion common to Arkham, Massachusetts. Be wary, however, for this is the time of the year when the veil is thinnest, and all manner of horrors, spiritual and eldritch alike, will not need work hard to find you.


September 2019

Thornapple Valley

The Fiend of Wolfpine Lake

Our premiere, immersive, escape room experience!

Thornapple Valley is home to legends and folklore. How much of it is true?

A cabin in the woods. A long forgotten danger. A secret to be discovered. An evil to be put down. What will you do when you are confronted by a deadly killer? Will you survive the night? Or become another one of Thornapple Valley’s many legends?

Face the Fiend… and find out…

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