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for the 2032 Fall Season

Monday, AUGUST 7, 2023

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Sea Tea Improv Studios

11 Asylum St #402, Hartford, CT 06103


Click the link to let us know you are coming! Look below for more details about our upcoming shows!

We are looking for performers of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Due to the immersive nature of this show, improvisation, and retroscripting will be used heavily for this production. Performers with a background in improv, LARP, and/or dramatic performance are encouraged to join us. A background in historical interpreting is encouraged, but not required as tutorials will be provided during the rehearsal process.


This audition will be in two parts. Please prepare a one to two-minute-long dramatic monologue, preferably of the horror . For the second part, be prepared for a short round of improv performances with the casting director. Historical accuracy is not a requirement at the time of auditions.


This is a paid position. 


Rehearsals will be held on the schedules listed below at Sea Tea Improv rehearsal studios in Hartford, CT. This show will require a commitment on all evenings of the preview night and all show dates.


Ex Tenebris Scheduele:
Rehearsals: 5 pm to 8 pm
August 13, 19, 27 
September 2, 9, 16

Preview Night: September 15 @ 7:30 pm

Show Dates: September 22, 23, 29, 30 @ 6:30 pm and 8 pm

Show Location: Barnes Museum, Southington, CT

In which a young woman is afflicted with possession, but all before the start of our story. Our show opens on the night of an academic research excursion headed by S. Brahms to the Royce household wherein a family already mired in tragedy have impossibly found themselves a new type of unknown suffering. The young Miss Cordelia Royce, the fiancée to Dr. Theodore Grantham, has been alienated from her wits and taken quite ill. Her kin believes the source is something preternatural and has asked A. Milton to come help save Delia’s soul. A decision made in haste what with the news Dr. Grantham has enlisted the aid of S. Brahms & the NFS to help free her from her madness. But Dr. Grantham steadfastly refuses to acknowledge such chicanery; instead desperate to heal Delia’s delusions and hysteria so she can meet him at the altar and not in bedlam. It is the audience's job to help the Royce family uncover the truth and free the home from the grasp of the daemonic.


F. (Felix/Francesca) Royce: any gender presenting, would prefer LGBTQIA+, any age, any race; relative of Cordelia (blood or by marriage, familial connection to be determined after casting). A believer. Mindful of superstition but for good reason; lost their partner and never truly recovered emotionally. Believes that their loved one still follows them around and is warning them about Delia. Protective. Intelligent. Often soft-spoken out of a sense of propriety but refuses to compromise morals. 

S. (Samuel/Sophia) Brahms: any gender presenting, any age, any race; college friend of Dr. Grantham and professor. Member of the National Federation of Spiritualists and often sent around to debunk or aid in cases suspected to be preternatural in nature. Has gathered the assembled audience as apprentices of the NFS to help Delia in her time of need. This is believed at first to be a social call and an exercise in showing students empathy and helping with what the majority of cases they would be sent out on would be. That more oft than not instances that are logically explained away. Tonight seemingly will be another anecdote for the annals of the NFS until things… quite dramatically, change. 

A. (Anastasia/Andrew) Milton: any gender presenting, any age, any race; wide-eyed and wants to believe but has yet to see any real “proof”. Lower class, religious figure. (Priest, nun, cunning woman, psychic, witch… somebody help). A close friend in correspondence with F. Royce; they want to believe but have yet to see any type of evidence of the supernatural involved with Delia yet. A cautious believer but one whose soft nature helps to comfort and guide with a gentle hand, especially the more volatile tempers. 


Phantasmagoria Scheduele:
Rehearsals: 2 pm to 5 pm
September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
October 7

Preview Night: October 6 @ 7:30 pm

Show Dates: 
October 13 @ 7 pm
October 14 @ 6 pm and 8 pm
October 20 @ 7 pm
October 21 @ 6 pm and 8 pm
October 22 @ 3 pm
 and 5 pm

Show Location: Isham-Terry House Hartford, CT

A ghost-hunting duo investigates an old Victorian mansion, hoping to catch evidence of the supernatural. They have been led there by the stories of a mysterious dinner party that had gone missing in the 19th century, and have invited the audience to help discover the truth, and maybe find a ghost (or two!) What happens, though, when the ghosts do more than go bump in the night? Soon, our investigators uncover the secrets of what happened that dark evening in 1888. Can they help settle the spirits of the past, without adding to the population of ghosts who haunt the house?


B. (Benedict/Beatrice) Archer: any gender presenting, any age, any race; One of our ghosts, haunting the Archer House. B. is a little less lucid than Dr. Osman, and firmly believes that the ghost hunters at the party are people who are here to attend some sort of event. They do not remember inviting so many people over, but if it is a party that they want, then B. will provide it. They are also an avid collector of antiquities themselves, even if they are not as knowledgeable as Dr. Osman. In fact, B. had invited Dr. Osman there that night to look at an artifact that they had just purchased and wanted to get her opinion on it. As the night goes on, and the audience uncovers more about what happened, B. will become more and more clear-headed about the reality of their situation, for better or worse. 


O. (Oscar/Odette) Morgan: any gender presenting, any age, any race; One of our ghosts, haunting the Archer House. They are the least lucid about what has happened. Their romantic paramour (relationship to be determined after casting) was present that night at the party as well but escaped the same fate. As a result, O. has been separated from their romantic partner in death. They are a wailing, pacing spirit, who has periods of lashing out in anger and frustration, and it will be up to the ghost hunters to appeal to their mournful soul. They will become more clear-headed as the night goes on and the audience helps them realize the truth about what occurred. 

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